Mission Statement

Our mission is to help eradicate the marginalization and emasculation of African American men by providing resources designed to enhance their life’s journey



Vision Statement

Strong Men = Better Husbands, Better Fathers and Better Communities



In response to the deaths of two sanitation workers in 1968, the Memphis Sanitation Strike was a declaration to the Memphis Department of Public Works that the dismal working conditions of more than 1,300 African American would no longer be overlooked.  They demanded higher wages, time and a half overtime, and adequate safety measures. The strike, and the violence associated with the strike, prompted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop speech a day before his assassination.


The “I AM A MAN” slogan worn by the sanitation workers represented a demand for respect and recognition of basic human dignities.


I AM A MAN tells the world that as an African American man, no matter my past, my circumstance, my role as husband or father, my economic status or my political views I DESERVE THE DIGNITY AND RESPECT OF A MAN.